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Shockwave helps in forming new blood vessels, and improving blood flow to the area. At Radiant Physiotherapy, we believe that you deserve the best modality possible. We believe in providing the highest quality of care to our patients, which is why we chose an Enraf Endoplus 811 brand shockwave therapy machine.

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Maria is a physiotherapist and proud owner of Radiant Physiotherapy. She has been practicing physiotherapy since 2006. She has a strong passion for helping people get better and recover from pain. She is keen on treating Chronic pain, back pain, neck pain and Vestibular dysfunctions. She especially likes treating Migraines and cervicogenic dizziness. Her passion is to help people achieve their goals to reaching full recovery and be pain free. Outside the clinic, she is a proud mother and loves to spend time with her kids and husband. She also enjoys hiking, running and painting as well as traveling with family.

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