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Posted By : simplyxml on 2021-11-29   08:57:16    United States
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Large organizations have to deal with a lot of data and information from many sources. You can get control of the content by adopting structured writing and mark-up with an MS Word to XML editor.  You will be able to achieve the significant benefits of control, reuse, and flexible publishing. Content Mapper from Simply XML provides an easy and simple solution to convert or create and then publish content from Microsoft Word to XML. This modern process cost-effectively brings your content supply chain into the new world of content management with metadata, shared repositories, and multi-channel publishing. 

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simplyxml Dedham United States
Simply XML helps large and small organizations get control of their content. You can easily adopt structured writing and structured mark-up to achieve the significant benefits of content reuse and flexible publishing. Content Mapper provides a simple, easy to use solution for creating and publishing XML content from Microsoft Word.

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