Interview with Andreas Pettersson, CEO at Arcules

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Andreas Pettersson, CEO at Arcules talks about the role of an open platform in transforming traditional video monitoring for the present market players.

1. Tell us about your role at Arcules.

As CEO, I help guide the Arcules team toward reinventing traditional video monitoring for modern enterprises. The core of my job involves problem-solving and helping navigate the landscape of cross-collaboration across departments to achieve the best possible outcome for the organization. Prior to becoming CEO, I served as Chief Technology Officer and was heavily involved in the development of the Arcules unified cloud security platform, so I understand our challenges and come at them from a unique perspective.

How did you define the vision of Arcules?

Since the beginning, I’ve sought to solve something with the Arcules system that allows organizations to be more proactive in their physical security goals by providing insight and awareness about what’s truly going on. Modern enterprises shouldn’t have to sift through years of video to find what they’re looking for to address an incident or find an anomaly. If you have to look at the video, we’ve failed as a company because our ultimate goal is providing customers with the right kind of technology that adds more awareness for both their security applications and their business optimization goals.

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