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The natural stone is taken from the quarries directly. Natural stones are used for centuries for building for interior and exterior. A number of years back the stone has been nearly used by all civilizations. On this earth, every part of the world and each layer of earth’s crust have varieties of stone. In the wide range of stones, one of the kind factors will come up with a masterpiece. All the stone varieties have a unique style and give inherent beauty to the place.

 Natural stones are used as a prime building material. Greeks are groups of people to bring natural stone into the homes, kitchens sinks, bathrooms, fountains, etc. Today homeowners have opted for natural stones over other materials, but the benefits of using natural stones for your home are endless.

During sedimentary processes, the earth's surface material is washed or blown about, and some of it settles by time and pressure to form rock. Travertine and limestone are just two of the many impressive types of stone which can be created through this process. Various types of sedimentary rocks, including those found in river beds and in sea beds, can polish into magnificent slabs of stone showing the formation and character of the original rock.

When magma, the molten rock beneath the earth's surface, cools and solidifies, it traps complex minerals within its structure, which makes it igneous rock. The crystals that form in the stones may form in layers or randomly, both resulting in beautiful effects when the surface is polished. One of the most common igneous rocks is granite, which provides a hard but incredibly beautiful work surface. Colours in granite are formed by the minerals it contains, which vary in shape and form.

When either of these rock types is subjected to intense heat and pressure below the earth's crust, metamorphic rock is formed. Deeper the rock beneath the surface, the stronger the grade and the greater the likelihood of stunning colour combinations. Slate, on the other hand, is formed much nearer the surface, so its grade is much higher. High-quality stones we use come from deep within the earth, and metamorphic stones like marble are often characterized by striking fractures, cracks, and folds due to stretching, compression, and growing pressure.

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