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Patent illustrations come in multiple sizes, builds and sophistication; yet, no patent drawing assignment is more threatening to patent applicants as design patent drawings. Some of the initial rejections a patent illustrator faces are because of flawed design drawings. When their illustration gets denied by the USPTO, in many circumstances, the illustrator is not sure why the picture got rejected, which is a formula for one more likely rejection.

While designing patent drawings, the experience of Patent Illustration Service matters. The Patent Illustration Service cannot just compose a design drawing and expect the examiner will accept the graphic at the USPTO. They must understand it will get taken only after minor modifications if any. Not understanding that your drawings will get accepted or not is like asking a blindfolded driver to drop you to a destination. Will you sit in a cab with such drivers? Definitely not!

Like a pilot who knows all the functions of his plane, the Patent Illustration Service should be like the examiners as they are preparing the drawings for the patent examiners. Patent examiners do not aim to reject your drawings. Rather, they want you to succeed as if you succeed; it is a success for them as well. They can get somewhat technological and sincere when you or your patent illustrators forget what is needed to convey your design successfully.

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