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ReactJS is an open-source library. It runs on Javascript and is an exceptional resource helpful for startups and business tycoons. ReactJS develops fast and efficient UI-rich web applications. Many conglomerates like PayPal, Uber, and Instagram choose React, as minimal coding is required for the development. The flexibility and simplicity offered by ReactJS are other distinguishing features that make it an attractive option. 

Recently, ReactJS 18 RC version was made available on the official website. It was predicted to be revolutionary. Let’s find out if this version can assist web developers in building the next big thing.

Notable Features of ReactJS 18

Give below are the much-awaited novel features of ReactJS 18. Web developers are advised to go through the same for better understanding and awareness. 

Concurrent Mode

Concurrent mode refers to the process of executing multiple tasks simultaneously. In previous versions of ReactJS, performing myriad tasks concomitantly resulted in a heavy load at the server followed by disruption of workflow. However, the latest version of ReactJS 18 ensures that installed dispatcher invokes and prioritizes callbacks like hook calls and function calls. Consequently, optimum and performant experiences for the users are guaranteed.

Transition API

The team of ReactJS has introduced a few new APIs in the latest version. These APIs ensure that web developers have control over concurrency. One of the APIs is startTransition. This API enables developers to make React aware of actions that may block the thread and cause lag on the screen. Updates that fall under startTransition are marked as non-urgent. They will be interrupted if more urgent updates like clicks or key-presses come in.  

Another API is useTransition. If developers want to show that a transition is pending they can display a loader using startTransition API. This will signify users that the application is processing their input and will display the results shortly. 

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