Must-know differences between Manual Testing and Automation Testing

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Software testing appeared in the limelight with the onset of software development. The software testing process involves evaluating and verifying that software works in tandem with the idea behind its creation. Software testing aims to prevent bugs, reduce development costs and enhance performance of software. 

Software testing is vital because some malicious bugs may cause monetary loss. Not only this, software defects can even tarnish a brand’s reputation which may lead to infuriated customers. In extreme cases, software bugs can debase interconnectedness and cause serious malfunctions.  

Software testing can be classified into two areas namely, Manual Testing and Automation Testing. 

What is Manual Testing?

As the name suggests, manual testing refers to the process of testing software manually. In this, testers keep themselves in the shoes of the end-users. They ensure all the features of the software are intact and are in working condition. They perform testing without using any automation tools and generate the reports manually. 

Manual testing can also be called exploratory testing as in this testers explore software for suspecting errors. Meticulous software testing ensures reliability, security, and enhanced performance consequently, saving time and costs. 

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing refers to the process of testing software and locating bugs using automation tools like Selenium, Appium, LambdaTest, and more. These tools facilitate the process of executing test scripts and generating results. Automation Testing is used to quickly and repeatedly re-run the software that was previously performed manually.  

Automation testing is also known as Test Automation. Apart from detecting bugs in the software, this process aims to improve test coverage and accuracy. It also saves considerable time and money. 

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