Rustic Pink Pleated Off-Shoulder Satin Top - Women Westernwear By Ammarzo Fashion

Posted By : Royadams on 2022-03-21   13:17:19    India
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Buy Rustic Pink Pleated Off-Shoulder Satin Top For Women Westernwear By Ammarzo Fashion. The Premium Milano satin fabric with a polyester base has a plain glistening surface on one side and a tarnished surface on the other. The soft fabric has a graceful drape. Polyester is a generalized term for any fabric made using polyester fibres. The polyester material is very durable and is resistant to many chemicals. It is the most popular fabric in the fashion industry, as it is resistant to shrinking and stretching. Polyester cloth can be easily dyed. Polyester is a quick-drying fabric, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor clothing. Fibres used to create polyester material is very strong, yet light in weight; making the fabric suitable for all seasons. They are also highly stained resistant to wear, so it is a great fabric for cleaning. Polyester cloth is a naturally bright fibre and can be easily modified for different uses. Ammarzo is exclusive women's wear brand and a modern atelier. For more exciting satin collection offers do visit our website -

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Ammarzo Industries Private Limited is a company dedicated to women's wear and has its values deeply rooted in “Women Empowerment” & “Sustainable Fashion”.

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