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According to the study, considering from which device the Buy Mobile Database user connects will determine the success of the message, paying attention to various aspects. In this regard, it is believed that the content on Twitter that is consulted Buy Mobile Database from a mobile device should put emphasis on the body of the tweet, while for those accessed from a PC the avatar and the account name are essential to your success. the Buy Mobile Database fewer spelling mistakes the publication has as well as a better grammatical construction, the greater the possibilities of consumption. the most interesting, according to said research, are those Buy Mobile Database that is related to social media, technology, and socio-political situations of a region. The tone used: those contents that are published with an informative tone or that use humor and irony have a better Buy Mobile Database chance of success. Time of publication: those messages that are more likely to motivate the conversation are those that are shared first thing in the Buy Mobile Database morning or during the Build Phone Number List evening. This research conducted an in-depth analysis of the activity of users Twitter through various devices and various interaction tools. Along these lines, it was concluded that Buy Mobile Database most tweeters consume information, but few users create content on this social network.

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