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Effective consumer data management provides marketers with easy-to-use tools and functions to onboard users, to understand their behavior, to auto engage them with pre-defined rule-sets and to personalize the communication.
At NeuroTags, our Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects customer data and puts it together in the form of unified customer profiles and segments customers to auto run the set of predefined engagement campaigns to increase the Customer Satisfaction Index and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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NeuroTags World's Best Anti-Counterfeiting Solution provider. We enable your consumers to easily authenticate your products using AI based anti-counterfeiting technology. NeuroTags provides every item a unique, secure and traceable identity, called NeuroTags code, which is applied on the product in the form of QR, NFC or RFID. Each code is continuously monitored by our AI backed cloud, and complete product journey from warehouse to consumer is captured and presented in real-time on management dashboards for analysis.

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