The best career path in 2022: Certifications for valuation and equity research

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  best career path in 2022


What is the role of valuation and equity research? Equity research provides correct information to the stock market. It is an analysis of the business stock, its industry, and stocks in similar groups to estimate earnings and valuation. This analysis is crucial for the accurate valuation of the stock as it prevents stock from being overvalued or undervalued.

At Imarticus, through the IIML course, we prepare future analysts who accurately analyze financial services and capital markets.

Financial Risk Management Course

Every operating business entity has to face risk, but if you know how to manage the risks, you can certainly stop the revenue leakage. Managing financial risk means managing the current and anticipated financial threats. It also helps formulate a good and planned strategy to incur profits and stop the losses.

The course in financial risk management at Imarticus enhances the horizon of financial markets. It helps understand the concept of financial risks and magnifies the knowledge about the working of various financial institutions and the stock market. It also helps to increase the credit and ability of financial risk managers to increase their earning potential. 

The managers trained to anticipate financial risk and evaluate the stock market suggest the best possible remedies to a business entity or a sole businessman to avoid potential risk and financial losses. At Imarticus, through the IIML course, we train you to identify the chances of risk exposure. We further teach you how to quantify the firm’s exposure to the possible financial risk.

An excellent financial risk manager needs to quantify the risk and plan the strategies accordingly through proper financial risk management techniques.

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