How would you compare Magento and Opencart?

Posted By : divyachoudhary on 2022-04-25   17:42:35    India
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ros of Magento:
- feature-rich
- biggest e-commerce solution in market
- lot of online support blogs and tools
- has an API called Mage API that allows developers to use magentos database to create custom CRM Panel'/
- good SEO in-built techniques

Cons of Magento:
- not just slow, very slow
- have so many panel back --end that often confuses basic users;;;
- due to popularity of Magento, its themes, modules which user can purchased expensive.

Pros of opencart ecommerce development :
- lightweight than Magento
- page loading speed is faster than that of Magentos'
- easier back-end panel than Magento

Cons of Opencart:
- no availability of a database API using which developer can extract/input data in database without using front-end
- not too much support available online for self-help
- SEO is not as good as that of Magento
- less features than Magento, but fair enough

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