Learn How Generate Passive Income from Dividend?

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Dividend shares can be an effective component to consider when building a portfolio that can withstand and protect against market volatility. Growth potential between 4 and 6%, combined with dividend yields between 4 and 6%, make dividend yields between 4 and 6% an attractive investment because they have already delivered 50% of the desired return.

Learn How you can earn a profit from dividend investing. And How you can find which companies provide dividends? And How can we get dividends?


Do you know you can generate a regular passive income from investing? 

Two ways can be found to make money from investing in stocks. 

One of them is very common because everyone is already aware of it. This is when the price of a stock rises, and you sell it and make money. But there is another way, which you will discover in this article, called dividend investing.

If you find companies that are likely to increase their dividends year after year, dividend investing can be profitable. Dividends are one of the most effective ways to generate passive income or even regular income. 

If you have knowledge about stocks and know how to invest in them, dividend investing can be a reliable source of income for most people.


What is Dividend? 

In the form of dividends, a company distributes the profits it has made to its shareholders. Those companies that are profitable have two choices: either they invest all their profits into expanding their business or they distribute a portion of their profits to investors. 

Let's look at an example of earning dividends from a company. 


An annual profit of Rs 100 Crores was made by Company A in 2022, and a dividend of Rs 5 per share was decided. The remainder of the profit will be used for the company's benefit. 

And if you hold 1000 shares of Company A, then you will get 1000 x 5= Rs 5000 as a dividend.


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