Credit Risk Management Courses: EDA and Feature Engineering in 2022

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  feature engineering and EDA


Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is a method of analyzing data that makes use of visual approaches to do it. By using statistical summaries and graphical representations, it may be utilized to detect trends and patterns, as well as to test assumptions and hypotheses. In order to possess a credit risk analyst certification, you must be well versed in feature engineering and EDA.

There are many different approaches to analyzing large amounts of data, but Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) relies heavily on visual methods and philosophies. The following are the two most important features of EDA:

  • Data should be explored with an open mind to all possibilities before any assumptions are made.
  • It is important to maintain a level of scepticism in order to guarantee that the data conveys the truth.

For Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), there is no set of established procedures. It is important to remember that EDA is an approach to data analysis, not a collection of methodologies that are predetermined. It is more of a philosophy and art than a scientific endeavour.

There are no presuppositions regarding the facts that are being analyzed. Rather than reject or accept any presupposition, we are attempting to obtain a sense of the facts and what they could indicate before the analysis begins. Instead of imposing a model on the data, EDA relies on the data's own inherent meaning to guide its analysis.

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