How can the Investment Banking Industry respond to the threat of disruption post COVID-19?

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  Investment Banking Industry


The recent COVID pandemic has affected many industries adversely. The investment banking industry was one of the sectors that experienced a fall in ROI (Return on Investment). However, the global COVID scenario is now better than before and the investment banking industry is back on its feet.

Investment banks are now applying post-COVID strategies to induce resilience in their business models. If investment banks need to survive the impact of COVID-19, they have to come up with better business strategies. Read on to know how the investment banking industry can save itself from disruption post-COVID-19. 

Challenges for the investment banking industry 

Do you want to become an investment banking expert? Well, you need to know about the challenges faced by the investment banking industry to propose business strategies that can bear shocks. The major challenges for the investment banking industry during/after the COVID pandemic are as follows: 

  • Investment banks are involved in various in-person activities that were seriously impacted during the COVID pandemic. For example, before an M&A deal, investment banks conduct due diligence to know more about the nature of the deal. Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, investment banks found it difficult to conduct the due diligence process.
  • Investment banks are finding it hard to find new talent post-COVID. During the COVID era, educational institutions were closed to stop the spread of the virus. Young enthusiasts that want to become investment banking experts didn't have access to a proper education during the COVID era.
  • Client prospecting was severely affected by the COVID pandemic. Since it was difficult to meet with clients in person, client onboarding got more complex. When the turnaround time increased, the ROI was also adversely affected.
  • Physical workplaces for investment banks were disrupted due to the COVID pandemic. Investment banks had to adjust to the latest WFH (Work from Home) culture. It had some serious impacts on anti-money laundering processes. 

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