Data Analytics, Productivity and Well-being: Are they inter-related?

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Forms and benefits of data analytics have shifted majorly in the last few years. Major firms have also been using it as a way to decipher the habit patterns of their employees to take care of their well-being. Needless to say, their well-being directly relates to their workplace productivity. However, with the evolution of data analytics, data analysts also have to be able to evolve constantly.

And that is only possible when they have the proper training to adapt to situations, and that can only happen if they learn data analytics from a proper institution. Imarticus Learning has come forth with a great opportunity for people who would like to polish their skills with their new PG program with data analytics certification. 

Coming back to the impact of the well-being of employees on company productivity, studies have found that being comfortable in their workplace can make the workers about 12% more productive.

Data analysis as a tool to ensure happiness

Major firms have been trying to gather and decipher the patterns of their employees' behavior to provide a personalized experience to them for some time now. There are a lot of ways companies have decided to approach it. Some offered wearables to their employees that will teach how much time they spend, sitting, talking, writing, or moving about. Some have chosen the company intranet to trace their online tracks.

Now it falls to the data analytics team to extract, and decipher these patterns. It is fruitful in the sense that these patterns always give indications of not only their physical health but also their mental ones. This is also a way where companies can provide personalized suggestions for their well-being. And the employees get benefitted from it in a way that impacts their daily life. As a result, they feel more loyalty to the company.

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