How Is Blockchain Revolutionising The FinTech Industry? 

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  The FinTech Industry


How Is Blockchain Revolutionising The FinTech Industry? 

Blockchain: An Overview 

A blockchain is a distributed, digital and permanent ledger that helps record transactions and track assets across the entire network of computer systems present on the blockchain. 

The technology has added a new aspect to the fintech landscape and offered huge possibilities to the industry of fintech by making crucial changes to business enterprises. 

How Is Blockchain Revolutionising The FinTech Industry? 

Undoubtedly, blockchain is the backbone technology that is revamping the FinTech industry. 

Below mentioned are the ways in which blockchain technology is revamping the fintech industry.

  • Creating a digital identity: 

Though banks have a strict KYC check, fraudulent accounts are on a constant hike. Here comes the role of blockchain, where users can manage identity data, share data with others without compromising security, and sign documents digitally. 

  • No third party interferences: 

There are chances for things to go wrong in case of multiple parties' validations. With blockchain technology in place, payments can reach the vendor directly without any halt. 

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