Top cybersecurity course with placement blogs that you should add to your feed

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  cybersecurity course with placement


Top cybersecurity course with placement blogs that you should add to your feed

As the corporate environment transitions to cloud data storage and online administration, demand for cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Commercial organization data, along with personal user data, are at risk of being exploited as internet exposure grows. This has boosted the demand for certified ethical hackers in the cybersecurity field who can assist businesses in protecting their data.

Did you know according to the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), one of the country's leading cybersecurity organizations, the cybersecurity industry employed roughly 2 lakh people in 2020, up from 1.10 lakh in 2019, and there are already 50,000 job openings in this field in India? By 2025, the cybersecurity market is expected to employ over 10 lakh people, according to the DSCI. Therefore, this field has immense scope, and completing cybersecurity certifications can help you enter this ever-growing field.

Why Should You Opt for Cybersecurity Certifications?

One of the primary reasons for the industry's rapid expansion is the necessity to hire brilliant people with diverse skills to keep up with newer technological advancements. While there are numerous cybersecurity employment openings, qualified workers are in limited supply. As this area requires specialized knowledge generally taught in cybersecurity certifications, one can supplement their existing knowledge and lead a team of specialists in managing cybersecurity for businesses.

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