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When life evolved on earth and human beings were in search of shelter and food, wild animals were the primary source of food and energy. But as soon as humans got settled and became more sophisticated, their interest shifted toward agriculture which became the primary food source. With the passage of time, various human activities like the hunting of wild animal, farming, fishing, construction, and destruction of forest lead to a complete disparity in the ecological system, which later leads to various problems.

This forced the national governments and the United Nations to rake special notice of the whole issue and take radical steps to safeguard the wild animal. Well, about India it can be safely said that the Wildlife act and Forest act were major breakthroughs that ensured wildlife is preserved. These acts created awareness among people about the importance of wild animals and forests.

At present, India is famous that it is richly varied wildlife. The diversity in wildlife has played a major role in attracting tourists from all over the world. You will find various species of plants, animals, and birds in safari India. India is rich in forest and it can be seen with the fact that more than 4% of the total area is covered with forest. And this has made India a home for diverse wildlife. You will come across various animals, plants, and birds that are found in the forests of India. There are more than 482 flora and fauna shelters and 90 national parks in India, making India one of the12 mega-diversity parts of the world.

India has managed to establish a good reputation when it comes to wildlife. Well, the Indian government has played a major role in presenting a good image of India and safari India. The wildlife act has ensured that wild animals are safe from the cruel and brutal hunters who hunt these animals for their own purpose. The particular department is working under the instructions of the government to ensure that the Indian wildlife and Indian Forest acts are not breached.

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