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                                                         Tractor Price


Tractor Price is the first question that comes to farmers' minds. Tractor industry is developing in India, the market for new tractors is increasing regularly and India will slowly become the largest Tractor market in India. 

Tractor price should be in the budget for farmers.

Many National and Global brands are manufacturing various Tractor models as per the requirement for various farm technology practices based on power, capacity, and crop. 

KhetiGaadi advises Farmers and helps them to purchase the right tractor in view of the requirements.


Powertrac Tractor

Powertrac tractors are constructed under the Escorts group.

Powertrac tractors are available in a wide variation of HP models. 

Powertrac tractors have a 25HP-60HP range. 

75 HP and 25 HP are the capacities of both the tractors respectively.

Powertrac tractor price Open at Rs. 4.00 Lakh.


Kubota tractors range from 21 HP to 55 HP. 

Kubota tractor price open from Rs. 4.13 lakhs to Rs. 10.36 lakhs. 

The costliest Kubota tractor is the Kubota MU5501 4WD priced at Rs. 10.36 lakhs. 

The low-cost Kubota tractor is the Kubota A211N OP priced at Rs. 4.13 lakhs.


20 Hp to 120 Hp is the range of sonalika tractors. 

In India, sonalika tractor price open from Rs.3.20 Lakhs to Rs. 15.60 Lakhs. 

90 HP and 20 HP are the rages of both the tractors respectively. 


New Holland tractors started their operations in the year 1998. But the entry into India was before the year 1998. It all started in 1969.

New Holland is the oldest brand in the tractor industry.

The company rolled out its first 70 HP tractor in India. 

This tractor was not targeted at the masses. But still, the company managed to sell 4 lakh units. 

New Holland is famous in India with more than 3 lakh satisfied customers. 

New Holland tractor price open at Rs. 4.70 Lakh.


Escorts Limited is one of the major companies in India.

Escort tractors are added with extra tools and equipment.

Eicher Tractors has Tough and long-lasting body and engine

Escort tractor price open at 2.60 Lakh.

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