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Posted By : omexcsms on 2021-12-01   15:57:57    India
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Omex CSMS provides an easy and efficient software solution for the management of cold storage information including Stock and Accounting Inventory. Our cold storage management software provides up-to-date information instantly and enhances the reputation of cold storage among customers.  It also reduces messy Transactions & Paperwork. OMEX CSMS provides a high return on Investment by effective Time Management, Accurate Billing, Reduce Resource Dependency, and High Customer Satisfaction by
Transparent Process.

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omexcsms Ahmedabad India
Omex’s Cold Storage Management System has 9+ years of experience which give ready to use and customized solution. OMEX CSMS is available with Contract management, Storage management, inventory management, grading, packing, quality, invoicing, accounting, and many more.

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