7 Mistakes That Wreck Good Logo Designs & 7 Expert Tips To Avoid Them.

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A logo is a pictogram that represents its respective company. Each company is supposed to have its own, individualized logo.  This logo becomes the identity of the company or business through which they are recognized on different platforms. In this article, we are covering 7 Mistakes That Wreck Good Logo Designs and 7 Expert Tips To Avoid Them.

Types of logos

There are 5 main types to design logos in general. 

Iconic Logo Design

It is to make use of figures or symbols to represent a company. It can be as simple as a bitten apple on the Apple Inc Logo or a complicated, yet recognizable, figure on the Starbucks logo. 

Typography Logo Design 

The typographic logo is a simple yet complex type of logo. Here the letters from the company name are used to make the logo. But it is not as simple since there are also hidden messages in the logo that need to be made clear and understood. 

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