The Thermally Conductive Polymers Market Is Expected To Grow By $311.10 million during 2021-2028

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  Thermally Conductive Polymers Market


Thermally Conductive Plastics:

Plastics with heat conductivity are known as thermally conductive plastics. The ability of a material to conduct or transport heat is known as thermal conductivity. Engineering plastics are solid thermal insulators, and because they’re so common, adding thermal conductivity to them makes them useful in a variety of appliances. It is used to replace metals, ceramics, and other polymers due to its low cost and flexibility and the fact that it may be used in several shapes. Because of their excellent heat resistance and low melt viscosities, crystalline engineering resins are used to make Thermally Conductive Plastics.

Market Analysis:

From 2021 to 2028, the Thermally Conductive Polymers Market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 13.18 per cent, from USD 115.62 million in 2020 to USD 311.10 million in 2028. The demand for Thermally Conductive Polymers Market has increased in recent years due to growth in the electronics and automotive industries. The commercialization of these materials, such as using these plastics in LEDs, will enhance demand in the future years. Because of the significant emphasis on customization and design flexibility, the need for thermally conductive plastics is expanding. Plastic materials are easier to handle, tailor, and mold than other materials such as metals and ceramics and offer better scratch resistance, thermal stability, impact strength, and abrasion resistance. 

The Thermally Conductive Polymers Market in the automotive segment is likely to be driven by the rising need for energy-efficient lighting solutions, compact design, and lightweight autos. Furthermore, using thermally conductive plastics instead of the metal decreases vehicle weight, improves performance, expands design freedom, and lowers overall costs. TCP usage in the automobile industry is predicted to rise as a result of these factors.

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