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The E Minor Chord is probably the simplest harmony you'll learn - most novice guitar players generally approve of it by any means. Yet, there are a few stunts to make it considerably simpler and prep you to play numerous other minor harmonies on the guitar! 

Until further notice, you ought to have a smart thought about what minor harmonies are, so presently we should get playing and look at how we play the Em Chord and how it sounds. :) 

Step by step instructions to PLAY THE E MINOR CHORD 

It's an ideal opportunity to take off one finger! Follow this 3-venture guide beneath to play the Em Chord on guitar: 

Start with situating yourself for playing the E Major Chord. You should as of now be comfortable with it! :) 

Lift your first finger (file) off of the third string, and play your guitar. To play the Em harmony, you should play every one of the strings. 

You've recently played the E Minor harmony! Do you hear the distinction between the E Minor and the E Major harmonies? 

Utilize the harmony graph underneath as a kind of perspective for your finger arrangement for the E Minor harmony:

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