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  Zoom Birthday Party


Much like anything else around you these days, even the whole idea of celebrating special occasions in the online or virtual mode has become something of a common or everyday affair. Hosting a zoom birthday party despite a few pitfalls does, however have a certain undue advantage that it provides you with. Enjoying a birthday party at home sitting in front of your computer, mobile or laptop screen is seemingly what an online birthday party is all about. But wait, there might still be more to it than what simply meets the eye!

This article will discuss a few pros and cons of a zoom birthday party in detail. So let’s get started with the pros first!

·         Pros:

1.      Too tired or lazy to dress up for the occasion? With a zoom birthday party, you no longer need to!

The most amazing fact when it comes to hosting an online birthday party is the very fact that people do not need to come dressed lavishly for the grand occasion. The guests can simply sit back in their pajamas and t-shirts, as they enjoy being a part of the zoom birthday party! Gone are those days when you had to think of what to wear and how to accessorize your outfit perfectly. Enjoy the comfy ways of enjoying a birthday now! Remain comfortable in your favorite pajamas and your favorite t-shirt as you enjoy the proceedings of the virtual birthday party. So, go and host your virtual birthday party today!

2.      Welcome friends and relatives from all around the world to your virtual birthday party!

Probably one of the most unseen advantages that hosting a virtual birthday provides you is the very idea of having people scattered in different parts of the globe brought together through an LCD screen. While it is impossible to invite people from all across the world or those living far to an in-person birthday party, you can surely achieve the same at your zoom birthday party! So, now you can invite all of your friends and relatives whom you could not meet due to distance.

3.      Host a birthday party at almost zero cost!

Hosting a zoom birthday party can be so surprisingly cheap, or even zero-cost! You now no longer need to pay for the venue or the decorations for your sumptuous event. All you have to do is pay the entertainer, if any, and a few snacks that you shall send to your guests’ doorstep. Yes, that is all the money you would have to spend on hosting your online birthday party. You can now have an amazing birthday party even at such low costs, thanks to the online mode!

Even though a zoom birthday party might be highly desirable in several ways, there are certain pitfalls that you should consider before opting for the same.

·         Cons:

1.      They might not work well with people living in poor network areas.

Any kind of online video conferencing platform requires you to have a seamless and strong network connection. So, if you are hoping to host a zoom birthday party anytime soon, make sure that all your guests have a proper and strong network connection to remain well-connected. If anyone resides in a place with a poor network connection or anyone faces any form of network disturbance on the day of the event, then it may pose a problem for him or her.

2.      Not everyone might feel comfortable!

It is quite common to have anyone person amongst your guests who might not feel comfortable being in the online video conference with everyone else. They might feel shy or might be an introvert. For people like these, a zoom birthday party might not be a place that they shall like. While in the case of an in-person birthday party, you could have easily interacted with such a person alone. However, this is not possible in an online birthday party where every one of your guests remains present all the time.

These are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a zoom birthday party.  Book your online birthday parties at Breakout.


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