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The G/B harmony is a slice harmony or cut harmony, additionally called a compound harmony. A slice harmony is a harmony whose bass note or reversal is shown by the expansion of a cut and the letter of the bass get-togethers root note letter. It doesn't specify "or". 

Along these lines, as such: cut harmonies are simply ordinary harmonies with one note changed. The note changed is the root note of the harmony. The root note will be the least note of the harmony, so we are basically modifying (or changing) the most reduced note of the harmony. 

The primary harmony (the harmony on the left of the slice) is the principle harmony. The harmony on the right of the cut isn't a harmony by any stretch of the imagination. It's the name of the note that we need the most minimal note of the harmony to be. 

With the G/B harmony, the primary harmony structure is that of a G harmony, yet rather than playing the typical third fret of the E string root, we'll utilize the B note on the second fret of the A string as our root all things considered. 

Utilizing The G/B Chord 

The G/B harmony is most generally utilized in the key of C as an associating harmony between the C and Am harmonies. 

For instance, attempt these harmony movement: 

C, G/B, Am 

Am, G/B, C

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