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Posted By : omexcsms on 2022-05-18   20:47:37    India
  OMEX CSMS features cold storage software features transaction invoicing e-invoicing accounting packing reports trading


Omex CSMS has experience of more than 9 years in cold storage management systems. Our features of Cold Storage software  management features include:
1) Transaction
2) Invoicing
3) Inventory Management
4) Packing Recipe
5) Trading
6) Cross Docking Management

We are bound to maintain the customer's privacy. If you are looking for features of cold storage software needs, get in touch with Omex Cold Storage Management System.

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omexcsms Ahmedabad India
Omex’s Cold Storage Management System has 9+ years of experience which give ready to use and customized solution. OMEX CSMS is available with Contract management, Storage management, inventory management, grading, packing, quality, invoicing, accounting, and many more. https://omexcsms.com/

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