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Posted By : PavanAgrawal on 2021-08-19   14:28:52    India
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Just like a mother takes care of her newborn, you need to care about your startup especially regarding marketing factors. It requires a lot of work and sometimes it might feel irritating and demotivating but you need to remind yourself during those times that the vision you hold is much greater than the setbacks you face. 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘marketing’? Most of you might picture a salesperson going from door to door to sell a product or a man by a roadside distributing pamphlet.

Well, these methods are definitely pictured right in your mind but dear what is missing here is what people follow now in the 21st century and that is Digital Marketing. 

Digital Marketing is the easiest ticket for your company to grow if done rightly, which is by the right person, at right time, in the right ways.  

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