Reasons Remote Learning Might Be More Than Just a Passing Phase

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One critical area where we have in fact adapted quite swiftly to the pandemic reality is that of education. Most brick-and-mortar schools and other educational facilities closed their doors early on in the pandemic, as it became clear this was necessary to protect the public health. These closures meant that we had to figure out other ways to keep our students learning.


Fortunately, humanity had already reached a point in our technological evolution where remote learning was a possibility: and through the use of the technology of the Internet, we have been able to hit the ground running, continuing to teach and learn without missing a step.


Is remote learning and teaching just a passing trend?

Is the rise in distance learning nothing more than an exception, an aberration, brought on by the necessity of a dire situation, but fated to pass once that crisis abates? Will teaching models revert to “the norm” once the pandemic finally ends?


Or could this new state of affairs be more than just a passing fad? Could we now, in fact, be in the midst of nothing less than a fundamental paradigm shift in the traditional view of education?


Educational research conducted since the advent of the pandemic indicates that there may be lasting benefits to distance learning, beyond just temporary necessity — benefits that might make this paradigm shift something more lasting than just an emergency stopgap measure.


What we're going to do is take a look at five areas where remote learning actually has an advantage over traditional classroom learning — and how such factors may prove to be more lasting and important in the long run than we might think.


1. Greater flexibility


One of the most obvious advantages to remote learning is that both the student and the teacher enjoy increased flexibility in terms of scheduling: by removing the need to travel to a place of learning, both student and teacher free up time for other things: waking up, preparation, getting a snack, whatever the case may be. Not to mention the fact that by learning at home, the student has complete privacy and total control of their own learning environment — meaning that any distractions one might encounter in a classroom setting are not an issue. This is another one of the advantages to remote learning — and for remote teaching as well.

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