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  API Banking


FidyPay offers dev-friendly APIs, app, ERP; go live on the website in just a few minutes. FidyPay thinks outside the banking hours and moves money whenever you wish. It offers the fastest and safest way of API banking. FidyPay reduces slip-ups, makes large stacks of pay-outs by just uploading every contact in one go. It provides a large pile of Insurance, collections, payments, and banking APIS under a single roof.

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eNACH which stands for Electronic National Automated Clearing House A concentrated clearing Service that targets giving inter bank high volume, low-esteem exchanges that are monotonous and intermittent in nature. Offering credit and obligation administration to corporate, banks, and monetary establishments, the assistance, pointed toward incorporating all local ECS into one National Payment System, is professed to be superior to its archetype, Electronic Clearing Service

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