The Top 10 Free Online Educational Databases for Students

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It's a blessing that we live in a time of technical advancement and digitization. All previous generations of students had to spend countless hours reading in libraries in order to find the information they required before the computer was created and made widely available.

Today's students only need to type in a few keywords to find out more than they ever imagined. Information from the scientific community is not always obvious. By merely entering terms into Google, it is difficult to locate anything worthwhile. In order to locate the information they require, students must access specialized educational databases.

As a result, many people wind up questioning what databases they ought to explore in order to locate reliable sources for their essays and research. The authors at write my paper were forwarded this inquiry, and they are prepared to provide you with their responses.

Here is a selection of the best educational databases available online that are both free to access and essential knowledge for students.

One of the most comprehensive free online bibliographic databases is this one. It contains almost 1.1 million citations dating back to 1966 and more than 107,000 full-sized non-journal publications with dates ranging from 1993 to 2004.

Students can access ERIC resources without being hesitant about their veracity and dependability. To ensure that the references provided are of the highest caliber, the system is set up to verify each new file.

OpenCourseWare at MIT

One of the top colleges in the United States has opened up its database of undergraduate course materials to the public online. Anyone who is interested may use it without any fees whatsoever. The MIT website's resources are available to independent learners from all over the world.



Higher education students and faculty have access to resources through the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Links to top-notch online learning resources are included in the database. There are also annotations and peer-reviewed resources available.

Use Google Scholar
One of the most well-known databases on the web is this one. You can find content on every subject you require because it is global. Additionally, it has countless annotations, numerous types of assignments, and millions of citations.

However, despite Google Scholar's best efforts to update its databases often, it still lacks sufficient depth. Additionally, many of the papers there are not even available for preview.


When compared to other databases, this website operates quite differently. A global academic search engine called WorldWideScience assists in locating additional scientific databases based on your request. The use of it is free.

Students working on foreign projects or learning about other nations will find this website to be of particular assistance. The built-in capability allows for automatic translation of the search results.

An educational database called the Bielefield education assignment help provides access to over 140 million documents. These files have open access for 60% of their content. You can employ a specific filter to obscure those who demand money.

When it comes to pricing and convenience, the tool is excellent. Whatever your field of study, BASE has a resource that will serve as an excellent source for your essay.

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