Usage-based Billing (Explained)

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All about usage-based billing

Definition: Usually, in subscription-based pricing, consumers need to pay a fixed recurring fee for availing their desired products and/or service – no matter how ‘more’ or ‘less’ often they use it. But this pricing model has its lows. If a customer decides not to renew the subscription, then the company has nothing much to do but to see wasted revenues.

In contrast, usage-based billing or metered services as sometimes it is referred to as, gives customers the freedom to pay based on what s/he actually consumes. So, this SaaS billing model eliminates recurring charges for ongoing service. And why SaaS, this model has very much been in existence since a long time in different industries. SaaS is perhaps the newest to follow the suite.
If you have not yet implemented this SaaS pricing model, it’s time you should. 

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