Amanda Hayward

amandahayward                     Member Since : 29/07/2021
Dover,   United States
The Web Factory
Amanda Hayward is the Digital Marketing Manager at The Web Factory. She is great at what she does. From monitoring advertisements to devising smart marketing strategies, she works tirelessly. Our clients love dealing with her as she not only guides them about the best suitable marketing strategy for their brand, but she also explains the process to them in the simplest ever language. Amanda is a key team player, who has full confidence in her colleagues and bosses when she comes up with a new and unique plan for us. She has a handsome experience which reflects her wise decision-making abilities.



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The Web Factory can help you build your brand identity and establish your digital presence with its high-quality&nb ...

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7 Mistakes That Wreck

2021-07-29 Services

A logo is a pictogram that represents its respective company. Each company is supposed to have its own, individuali ...

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