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Stream Peak International Pte Ltd
Since 1976, Stream Peak International has been committed to providing professional advice and high-quality protective packaging solutions. Our competitive advantages include a full range of packaging products, proper facilities integrated into our services, and a long history of serving various industries to meet our clients' needs and requirements. Stream Peak offers a wide range of damage prevention solutions for industries such as electronics, semiconductors, logistics, warehousing, food, refinery, healthcare, defense, military, aerospace, and automobiles. Protecting the integrity of our customers' products during transit and storage by preventing damage from moisture, gas, impact, temperature, and corrosion. Our packaging products include Bubble wrap, Silica gel, Ice pack, Packaging Machine, Desiccants, Pallets, Stretch film, Data loggers, Poly mailers, VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor). For more visit:


Improve Efficiency Du

2022-06-13 Business

Palletisation allows pallets to be moved a lot quicker compared to manual handling, reducing labour requirements, f ...

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Secure Products With

2022-05-27 Business

Stream Peak International offers a competitive range of packaging products and proper facilities integrated into ou ...

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